St Peters Birstall

Life at St Peter's C of E Junior, Infant & Early Years School

"The distinctiveness and effectiveness of St Peter's Church of England Primary School as a Church of England school are outstanding."

This was the finding under the statutory inspection of Anglican and Methodist schools. Our school was inspected on 1st July 2014.

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St Peter's Church, Birstall

At St Peter's Church of England Primary School, our local church is St. Peter's church in Birstall. We visit the church throughout the year for special celebrations. Our vicar, Mr Knight, also attends school regularly to deliver a collective worship assembly.

For more information about St Peter's Church, please visit their website

Here are just a few pictures from our most recent visit to St Peter's Church.


Our Values

We are proud to be a Church of England school and at the heart of our school are our values. Christian values are at the foundation of how we shape the attitudes of our students to learning and life in the wider community. As well as our Christian Values, we also have personal characteristics that we promote and that underpin everything we do at St Peter's Church of England Primary School.

At St Peter's Church of England School, we are:







Throughout the school day, staff will hand out 'Peter Points' when they notice a pupil demonstrating one of our values. Pupils can collect and spend their Peter Points on rewards. 


Throughout Lent, our children will do lots of work surrounding what lent is and why we are reflecting and preparing before Easter Sunday. In the run up to Easter Sunday, each class will also take part in many activities linked to Easter Sunday as well as a variety of collective worships focused on this. As we are not in school this year to do these activities, please find below some activities that can be done at home which are focused around Easter. 

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Collective Worship

 At St Peter's Church of England School, we celebrate our Christian faith with acts of worship on a daily basis. Below is a timetable of our Collective Worship.

View our Collective Worship policy here and in our policies folder.

We also have our own school prayer. We say our prayer before lunch each day. Here is a copy of our prayer.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for our wonderful school,

Our school dinners,

And our friends.

Please let peace dwell here,

And let us be happy with everything we do.

Help us to do our best,

Let us enjoy ourselves but keep safe and behave.


Day Led by Worship
Monday Led by Rev. Paul Knight Whole school worship - main hall
Tuesday Led by the collective worship council - Pupil led Whole school worship - main hall
Wednesday Led by teachers across the school Key Stage worship - main hall
Thursday Led by Miss Conway focusing on songs of worship Hymn Practise - Key stages 1 and 2 - main hall
Friday Led by Mrs Evans or Mr Hilton focusing on a celebration of our Christian Values Whole school worship - Golden Book - main hall


Reflective Areas

On a daily basis, we reflect in our main hall during our collective worship. Each class also has an area in the classroom for reflection. Have a look at our reflection areas.