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Year 6

 Welcome to The Wonderful Warriors!


Our Staff

Class teacher - Mrs E Warrior

Student Teacher - Miss B Tempest

Cover supervisor - Mrs M Pickersgill

Cover supervisor - Mrs A Scott

Classroom Support Assistant - Mrs A Coleman

 PPA teacher - Mrs E Penny

Our Class Prayer

 Dear Lord, 

Thank you for giving us this brand new day, 

Guide us throughout the day as we strive to learn for a brighter future

Bless all that are in our school as one body has many parts





September 2020

Wow! The staff in year 6 cannot believe we have only been back for 1 month as the class have produced so much incredible work in just a short amount of time. Our topic this term is all about 'Conflict - World War 2.' The class have been so engaged in this topic and have wanted to make it as hands on as possible. We have learnt about the causes of WW2 as well as who was involved and when they became involved. We have also created gas mask boxes in Design Technology along with evacuee labels as part of our study of the book 'The Emergency Zoo.'

Here are just a few images of some of the things we have been doing in year 6:



April 2020

In year 6, we have used Scratch to help us design games and quizzes this year. We had lots of fun, creating something which was linked to our topic. Scratch can be used at home via the Scratch website here or by downloading the Scratch offline Editor. Wanting to create your own game but not sure where to start? Click on the images below to watch a few videos which will teach you how to create a game.

December 2019

This month has been a very busy month so far.  We had M&M productions who performed Pinocchio for the whole school. This was a fantastic event loved by all. We have also taken part Rewind to Christmas, where we looked at the true meaning of the Christmas story. We have also imitated the Japanese artist, Hokusai. To do this, we used blue, white and brown acrylic paint and mixed the colours to create a variety of shades for the great wave.  
We have also decorated our Christmas tree in class as part of Advent. 

November 2019

Wow! What a busy month we have had. Earlier this month, we started our new topic ‘Extreme Earth.’ We looked at the Earth and it’s continents. Then we looked at different weather phenomena and how they occur. We realised how lucky we are to live in the United Kingdom and not experience any extreme weather phenomena.  As part of our topic, we created some art work based on tornadoes. Take a look at how realised these tornadoes look! 

September 2019

On Wednesday 11th September, Years 5 and 6 visited the Bradford Industrial Museum as part of our Victorians topic. Each class took part in a Victorian Classroom workshop and a Mill Life workshop. The children absolutely loved visiting the museum and enjoyed both workshops. Here are just a few things we got up to during the day!

















October 2018

Fundraising for ActionAid!

Over the past week, the year 6 class have been fundraising for those affected by the recent earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia. The children sold ice lollies after school for 25p and made an incredible £94! This money has now been sent to ActionAid and will be used to provide: food, clothing, water and toiletries. We want to say a huge big THANK YOU to the year 6 class for suggesting a great fundraiser and thinking of others all of the time.

Well done year 6! We are really proud of you.









Investigating Rivers

This week, we had a special visitor in Year 6. Mr Stockhill from the Environment Agency came into our classroom to work with the children as part of our topic this half term. He spoke to us about Batley Beck which is our nearest river. We investigated where the river flowed and looked at the problems that people face when living near a river. He also brought in a river model, which we used to build flood defences. The class were brilliant and Mr Stockhill was very impressed with their knowledge of river systems. Finally, we finished the session with an activity that encouraged us to think about what we would do in the event of a flood. We sorted items into our backpacks and wardrobe. We really enjoyed the session and will be completing lots of writing activities based on the session!

Here are just a few photographs of the session!



February 2018

As part of our Literacy work, Year 6 have been studying the book Ice Trap! Shackleton's Incredible Expedition. So far we have written a diary from the perspective of a character on the Endeavour. It is obvious from the fantastic work produced that the children have enjoyed this book and can imagine themselves on that ship. Now, we are currently writing a narrative based on the expedition before we move on to a newspaper report. We are so impressed with the work produced and cannot wait to put it on our classroom wall! Each child has produced so many pieces so far, they just need to decide which piece they would like displayed on the wall!

Monday 22nd January

Today, we continued our own adventure story based on the book 'The Firework Maker's Daughter' by Phillip Pullman. Before we began our work, we played an alliteration game using the alphabet. This helped us as we used a lot of alliteration in our writing today. We are really enjoying writing these stories and have already thought of some fantastic ideas of where to take the stories.

Friday 19th January

Today, our class took part in the NSPCC Buddy's Big Workout which was taking place throughout school. In Year 6, we decided that we would choose our own one minute challenge to complete. We had lots of different challenges including; star jumps, sit ups, push ups, holding the plank, kick ups, skipping and many more. All of our children did extremely well and should be very proud of what they achieved. We completed our one minute challenges in support of the NSPCC Buddy's Big Workout. The children took part in a whole school assembly and learnt about the NSPCC and the incredible job they do. Each child has raised some sponsor money which will be used to continue the great job the NSPCC do.



January 2017

This week, PC Whitehouse visited the class the speak about Drugs, Online Safety and Personal Safety. The children took part in many activities which looked at the facts and myths regarding these topics. The children asked many questions about these topics and have learnt a lot this week from PC Whitehouse. Here are just a few quotes from the class regarding PC Whitehouse's visit.

'PC Whitehouse has taught me many things that will change my future. I didn't know about saving passwords to computers and that it can cause a virus. Now, I've told my teacher that I've had saved passwords and we've sorted it.'  By Emily Y6

'I learnt about the number 101 and how it's for non emergency cases and what happens if you contact the emergency services when it is a non-emergency.' By Isaac Y6

'PC Whitehouse explained the dangers online in great detail and I am now much more aware about what could happen.' By Hari Y6

'I loved the sessions. I have learnt what the 'safe place' sticker means. I will learn where my nearest safe place is if I am outside and will use it if I feel like I am in danger.' By Ellianna Y6