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Life at St Peter's C of E Junior, Infant & Early Years School Life at St Peter's C of E Junior, Infant & Early Years School Life at St Peter's C of E Junior, Infant & Early Years School

Year 5


Welcome to the Flying Fives

Our Staff

Class teacher - Miss E Dalton

Classroom Support Assistant - Miss N Walker

Cover Supervisor - Miss M Coates


Our Class Prayer

Dear Lord,

Thank You for the universe and the twinkling stars which light up the dark abyss

Thank You for the loving souls around us

and for the trees, for our food and for our drink.

Thank You for our school and education.

Help us to stay healthy, happy and safe.

Help us to believe in ourselves and be kind, thoughtful and courageous.

Help us to succeed and open many paths to our brighter future.



September 2020

This term in year five our topic is the Second World War. We are focusing on the causes of World War Two and are discussing how this event impacted different groups of people across Europe. We will focus on our local area and the hardships the war caused the people who lived here. We are enjoying reading the book Rose Blanche, which tells us the sad story of a young German girl during the Second World War.

April 2020

In year 5, we have used Scratch to help us design games and quizzes this year. We had lots of fun, creating something which was linked to our topic. Scratch can be used at home via the Scratch website here or by downloading the Scratch offline Editor. Wanting to create your own game but not sure where to start? Click on the images below to watch a few videos which will teach you how to create a game.

English - June 2017

In English lessons we have been working on writing exciting short stories, with lots of description and adverbials of time, place and manner.

Well done to Hari who created a very tense and fast paced Hostage story! His writing includes lots of detailed description, adverbial openers and a great use of paragraphs for organisation. When we shared the story in class, we could really imagine what being in the story was like, which means Hari has used great imagery to engage the audience. Well done Hari, keep up the hard work!



Topic Work - June 2017

During our topic lessons, we have been learning about Ancient Greece. We have learnt about democracy, Gods and Goddesses, and the origins of the Olympic Games.

A big well done to Sophie, who created this wonderful Greek vase to show the Olympic sport of javelin. She used similar colours and tones to the Ancient Greeks, and even managed to make the body look like it was moving. Sophie has made a huge improvement in her art work recently- we are very proud of her!