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Life at St Peter's C of E Junior, Infant & Early Years School Life at St Peter's C of E Junior, Infant & Early Years School Life at St Peter's C of E Junior, Infant & Early Years School


Welcome to Butterflies

Our Staff

Class teacher - Mrs G Cooney (AM sessions)

Class teacher - Mrs S Beaumont (Thursday PM sessions)

PPA Teacher - Mr J Warrior

Nursery nurse - Mrs L Irvin


Our Class Prayer

Dear Lord,

Thank you for our wonderful school, our school dinners and our friends.

Please let peace dwell here and let us be happy with everything we do.

Help us to do our best, let us enjoy ourselves but keep safe and behave.


We say this prayer every day, before we eat our lunch.  


September 2020

We’ve been learning about ourselves, bodies and faces. We made self-portraits which are great!

We have been talking about houses and homes and where we live. We made junk model houses.

We have been autumn detectives- looking for signs of autumn in the school grounds. We used the things we found to make autumn pictures and autumn crowns.

Sports Day - Tuesday 20th June 2017

Today, our Butterflies class took part in their annual sports day. They took part in lots of events and everyone won a medal for taking part. Here are just some pictures from sports day.





 After sports day, we wrote a recount about what we did on the day. Here are some examples of work that were produced.




Maths - June 2017

In Maths, we have been dividing by sharing. We used counters to help us share.


Mini-Beasts - June 2017

As part of our mini-beasts topic, we have been learning about different mini-beasts. We have made our own spiders using pine cones from our woodland walk area. We have also printed snails. We used string to create the outline of a snail before painting it brown and printing it on paper.